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Greener Stores for Suppliers EMEA

About This Course

The purpose of this course is to equip suppliers with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the environmental impact of their operations and products. After completing this course, you will be prepared to begin taking action to improve. Collective action can co-create a more sustainable and planet-positive future for everyone; thank you for choosing to join this journey!

This course is open source by design. Within this course, you will find tools and resources to ignite new ideas, tackle challenges, and contribute to a movement that is bigger than any one company or industry. After the course, you can implement these materials in your setting.

Course Authors

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Starbucks Greener Stores Team and Sustainable Supply Chain Team
Starbucks Coffee Company

The Starbucks Greener Stores and Sustainable Supply Chain teams are a group of individuals with backgrounds in business, supply chain, operations, environmental impact, and public policy, all of whom have a passion for sustainability. The Greener Stores and Sustainable Supply Chain teams support Starbucks global efforts in Greener Stores and operations, energy, waste diversion, water stewardship and sustainable materials, as well as aspects of partner/employee engagement. The team works to advance Starbucks resource positive aspiration through our retail and supply chain globally. Members of the team are passionate about empowering partners/suppliers/employees to make sustainable choices in all business decisions and in everyday life.

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Arizona State University
Global Futures Laboratory and ASU-Starbucks Center for the Future of People and the Planet

The Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at Arizona State University represents the urgent belief that we can and must make a meaningful contribution to ensuring a habitable planet and a future in which well-being is attainable. The Global Futures Laboratory provides key engagement spaces for scientists, educators, and leaders across ASU and around the world to address critical issues related to the future of planet Earth. Rather than solving problems after they arise, we seek to design a future in which humanity not only survives, but thrives.

To that end, The ASU-Starbucks Center for the Future of People and the Planet works to positively transform Earth’s systems. Specifically, the Center for the Future will advance Starbucks transformative agenda by leveraging ASU’s applied research, networks, expert faculty, and innovation through our shared aspirational commitment to the betterment of people, the planet, and our global communities.

Content Contributors

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WAP Sustainability Consulting

WAP Sustainability provides clients with the information and tools they need to create credible, measurable, and attainable sustainability programs. Our services are driven by sound scientific data and an in-depth understanding of each client’s core business. With deep rooted experience in carbon accounting, life cycle assessment and standards development, WAP is globally recognized as a technical sustainability expert in many industries. Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, WAP Sustainability has been helping a global roster of publicly traded, consumer product and building product companies as a sustainability resource since 2008. Learn more about WAP Sustainability at here.